Tomorrow Awards Season 2014 Winners

Shortlist / Winners

Just a Reflektor

By: AATOAA, Google Creative Lab, UNIT9

Country: USA

JUST A REFLEKTOR is an interactive short film that explores the themes in Arcade Fire’s “Reflektor” through two devices simultaneously: the computer and smartphone/tablet. Filmed in Haiti, the story follows a young woman who travels between her world and our own.

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By: Lemz

Country: The Netherlands

Webcam Child Sex Tourism happens tens of thousands of times a day, but prior to this campaign, only six men had ever been convicted of the crime.
We developed a 3D model that looked and moved like a 10-year-old Filipino girl and we called her “Sweetie.” With Sweetie, we went on public chat rooms and interacted with over 20,000 predators, gathering incriminating evidence and information about them. In two months, we caught in the act and identified 1,000 predators from 71 countries. Governments were urged to act after the world witnessed us handing over our short movie, research findings and the 1,000 names to Interpol.

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Hands On Search

By: HAKUHODO Kettle Inc.

Country: Japan

“Hands On Search” is a tangible search through the combination of the Yahoo! search engine and a 3D printer. Items could be searched verbally and the item would automatically come out of the machine as a miniature model of the searched item.
“Hands on Search” was first offered to people who need “sense of touch” the most — the visually impaired. 3D data was gathered from individuals and corporations who wanted to be involved in this project. This allowed the children at schools for the visually impaired to have more experiences.
“Hands On Search” has since been converted to open source software, and can currently be downloaded and used across the world.

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Follow Nattjouren's road to Christmas

By: Garbergs

Country: Sweden

Stockholms Stadsmission is a Swedish charity supporting the homeless. Every evening its night watch service, Nattjouren, is out on the streets of Stockholm.
Before Christmas, people could follow Nattjouren’s work in real time and make a donation. On the site they could read instant tweets about Nattjouren’s actions and follow their way through Stockholm on a map.
Nattjouren’s tweets were also presented live on digital billboards and banners, in print ads, outdoor billboards and on TV. Every morning a new episode was filmed based on the tweets from the past night, and was aired later that same day.
With real stories in real time from the streets of Stockholm, Stockholms Stadmission was able to show how they make a real difference and raise money for the homeless before Christmas.

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Folly Plugged-In Live Theater Performance


Country: USA

The challenge was to attract a new, younger audience to the historic Folly Theater, Kansas City’s once legendary performing arts venue.
The target audience is addicted to their phones, but theaters everywhere tell people to turn their phones off. Rather than making people power down, they were asked to leave their phones on and help direct how the action on stage would unfold throughout the night.
Through a mobile app they downloaded before taking their seats, the audience voted on costumes, props, songs and more. They controlled how much clothing a dancer took off during a peep show. They participated in a burlesque name generator and helped shine their own virtual spotlights. They received real-time information about the venue and connected with the cast. And they saw the results of their efforts play out live on stage. Plus every moment of the night was shareable, helping build immediate buzz for the theater.

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