Chrome Bounce Ball – Let’s Play

December 13th, 201010:54 pm @


Chrome Bounce Ball ? Let?s Play

Recently Google announced the test program for the Google Chrome OS powered netbook called CR-48 which is a test model for their cloud computing device. They are currently testing the OS in the USA through a pilot program that will involve 60,000 people.

As part of their big push with Chrome Google  just launched the Chrome web store. This is meant to be where users can find extensions, games and web apps for their browser. Bounce Ball is a web game that Google launched with the store and the goal is to get diamonds and avoid the spikes. It sounds simple but can you get them all is the question. The agency behind the Bounce Ball is North Kingdom. Have fun and welcome to the dawn of a new day as works to make 2011 the year when Chrome comes out big time.

Credit: Google Chrome Bounce Ball (Play now!)