5 Questions with Monster Judge Steve Mykolyn, CCO, TAXI

October 3rd, 20119:45 am @ Sean


TOMORROW: What’s the mysterious story behind your photo?

STEVE: Huh? There’s no mystery. The camera didn’t have a “red-eye reduction” feature…red-eye appears in the eyes of humans, and animals, that have no tapetum lucidum. But I digress. Are you saying I look like a monster? Isn’t that the point?

TOMORROW: What’s one innovation in advertising you’d like to invent?

STEVE: An idea I’ve tossed around involves something I call “molecular branding” You simply place a familiar corporate logo, say Pepsi, on a molecule of air. When a person breathes in those branded molecules, they suddenly have a craving for the product. “Wow, I feel like a Pepsi and I have no idea why.”

TOMORROW: Other than work TAXI has done, what’s impressed you the most over the past year?

STEVE: This is going to look like I’m sucking up to Robert (Wong), but I actually really like Google’s “What Do You Love” search engine (wdyl.com). It’s kinda under the radar, and a bit creepy actually, but it reminds me of what it felt like when we were exposed to the fist graphic interface. For those who aren’t familiar with it, you simply type in a term of anything you want to know about in a search box, click on the “heart” icon, and Google almost instantly serves up a mini-portal page chock full of information. The search results are aggregated from other Google services — Youtube, Maps, Trends, etc. — and presented visually in a gridded series of boxes. Try it.

I f#@king love the United States of Design app from Fast Company. It’s just cool and it made me whistle “Dixie”.

TOMORROW: When you’re looking at the Tomorrow Awards shortlist, what are you going to be looking for?

STEVE: That’s easy. Really big ideas that make me scream ‘” wish I thought of that!” This show foreshadows the future. The proof is that everything that wins here goes on to win at Cannes.

TOMORROW: If you could travel through time, where would you go?

STEVE: To the garage where the two Steve’s (Jobs/Wozniak) started out. I’d walk up and say “Hey, you guys need a hand?”