Interviews from Tomorrow // Greg Hahn BBDO´s Executive Creative Director, Summer 2011 Tomorrow Awards shortlisted

September 12th, 20125:04 pm


Interviews from Tomorrow // Greg Hahn BBDO´s Executive Creative Director, Summer 2011 Tomorrow Awards shortlisted

The Film Festival You Didn’t Know You Entered “Up All Night” Fan Montage Video” by BBDO exceeded all expectations.

The self-proclaimed boutique agency gave us some insight of the behind the scenes of the summer 2011 campaign to launch “Up All Night”, blink-182’s first single in eight years. They staged the blink-182 Film Festival You Didn’t Know You Entered, using Google’s ContentID technology to search YouTube for every instance of fans using blink-182 songs in their videos without permission from the band or label.

Instead of getting their fans in trouble for breaching copyright, the rewarded those fans by creating a music video for the song made up entirely of clips from the best of those fans’ videos!

They also had the band members perform an award-show ceremony, wherein they declared fans winners in humorous categories such as “Least Tattooed Travis Barker Impersonator” and “Best Use of Father’s Bank Account.”

Here is our quick chat with BBDO´s creative executive director, Greg Hahn.

TOMORROW: How many fans were contacted?

Greg: I don’t have the exact number, dozens of thousands.

TOMORROW: How did they react?

Greg:I didn´t do this contacts myself, but from what I know they were quite surprised. Usually if someone contacts you about using a song with no permission it means you are getting into trouble not being rewarded.

TOMORROW: Did the launch have the impact you expected?

Greg: It exceeded all our expectation, it was incredibly successful. We appeared in other medias, like news programs that got interested in knowing how the whole thing was done. As result, the band and brand were embraced as being real cool.

TOMORROW: Indeed very cool, seems the exact opposite of what other band do when they learn about their songs being used without their permission…

Greg: Exactly, normal behavior is to have the videos pulled down, so people were really happy.


TOMORROW: What makes BBOO different from everyone else?

Greg: I think we define ourselves as a global boutique. As in we operate small, but our message is of large scale, the scale of a global agency, but still we operate petit.

TOMORROW: What are the new paradigms of advertising?

Greg: Social is becoming the focus of a lot campaigns, the evolvement of users in activities through social media is definitely the new and happening of these days.

TOMORROW: If could you travel thru time, where would you go?

Greg: Is that a real question? (laughter). I´d go to the week before the lottery numbers are.