Leap Motion: a new device enables new marketing concepts

March 19th, 201311:56 am


Leap Motion: a new device enables new marketing concepts

Stefan Becker
Creative Director


Having mentioned the Leap Motion device in my last Tomorrow Awards article as a future trend to connect offline and online marketing, it seems now like the future is very close already. A few months ago, the San Francisco start up sent developer kits to chosen partners, resulting in the first demos which can be seen on the Internet. Press coverage at the CES made the device more popular, and there was a session scheduled for SXSW last week, all which will heat up the conversation around the product. All pre-ordered devices are planned to be sent out by May 19th across the US. Soon we will see if the Leap will make it into the masses… or will it stay a nerdy thing for developers and creatives?

As a marketing creative, I can’t stop thinking about the potential this device has in interactive advertising. It’s a great way to connect the offline world with digital, giving people a magical user experience, and there are so many new applications and innovations possible. Let me give you an insight into some interesting demos already out there. I am sure it won’t take long until we see the first great cases at the Tomorrow Awards using the new device!

How about public information screens with interactive citymaps people can navigate with hand and finger moves? From typing in places to zooming in and out. Grab sights you want to visit and throw them in a basket which will be sent to your mobile device as a personal tour!

A demo with Unity3D is showing how sensitive the device is tracking even faster movements:

Learning an instrument:
How about learning to play the guitar or trumpet by practicing on a virtual instrument? Or attend a virtual course by following the teachers` hands. A demo with an “air harp” is giving an impression how this could feel like.

And here a virtual drum demo. How about promoting a new CD release with interactive citylights where users can play the drum to the new song?

Using this device for gaming is an obvious potential. Grabbing stuff, using hand movements and rotations, shooting by pulling a virtual trigger, running with two fingers etc. The following demo is showing a very simple usage. What I miss here: that “thumb up” is causing a Facebook like!

The uses seem endless, although until the device is pre-installed somewhere, I think kiosk systems, displays, POS systems, showroom installations, out-of-home etc. are useful fields, but first collaborations with hardware producers have been made already: “ASUS will bundle the revolutionary Leap Motion controller with selected new computers” (Leap press release,  January 3rd, 2013).

It’s all very exciting!


Stefan Becker is a Creative Director with thirteen years experience in multichannel advertising. In 2008, Stefan founded BUZZIN MONKEY, with which he provides support to brands and agencies alike, by offering campaign concepts and creative direction. See more of Stefan’s work at www.stefanbecker.org