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August 7th, 201311:51 am


‘Lessons for the Future’ is a new educational series that shares the experiences of previous Tomorrow Awards
participants who have been either shortlisted or have won in the past.


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//Check-In with Air China

What were the technical difficulties and challenges faced in the Check In with Air China campaign that were not displayed in the video case study and how did you overcome them?
How can we raise awareness that Air China flies, not only to China but also throughout Asia, while also making the brand a winner in the Swedish market? We carefully selected a number of Asian restaurants to act as ambassadors for Air China. At the restaurants, guests were encouraged to check-in with Air China, right then and there, only this time on Facebook. The solution demanded us to adapt the technical solution to create separate check in-spots for each restaurant, to make sure we wouldn’t get people who “believe that they are competing” but in fact aren’t.

What technology was utilized for this campaign and how did it come into play with the overall strategy?
We used Facebook check-in as the main hub in combination with Facebook pages which allowed us to create a future communication channel for Air China. A channel that they previously never used and could now be used to create and maintain relationships.

Does Rodolfo have an innovations team that stays on top of the latest as well as the up and coming trends?
Yes. As a matter of fact we recently employed two people with a stay-on-top, experiment-with-everything kind of focus. However, at Rodolfo we truly believe that innovation is supposed to be a constant part of the organization. Not a stand-alone kind of thing.

Every organization is designed to get the results it gets. Poor innovation comes out of a poorly designed organization. Superior innovation rises when the right people get the chance to hang out with other people, when business models and processes are combined with technologies, tools, and a climate that makes you want to create.

Can you suggest any exercises, workshops, or literature that your peers can view to to learn more about the future of creative innovation?
We believe in collective intelligence. We believe that we can create better together and with different perspectives. There’s just way too much poor communication out there today, so we have taken some initiatives to change and improve the advertising industry. Above all, we want to change the belief that only ad people can make good communication. We have always worked with psychologists as a part of our creative process. When combining psychology and communication you get a huge advantage – because of this we will launch a crash course called Rodolfo Daily in early september.

Rodolfo Daily is neither a course, a newsletter or an education. All we want to do is to share and spread our knowledge about the power of combining psychology and communication. Each season we will launch a new theme for Rodolfo Daily, but you can hit the play button whenever you want to.

During the season we highlight tips, insights and examples from communication and psychology that helped us the most in our work. In our autumn/winter collection, we will focus on the topic closest to our heart – collective intelligence. We know that the big ideas occurs when individuals from different backgrounds and with different skills come together. The objective of our first season is to get you to understand the same power of collective intelligence.

In Rodolfo Daily FW13 you’ll get:

• Insights from psychological research in creativity
• Examples of how creative groups and companies traded psychology in their communication
• Learn how to translate psychology and examples in your communications work

An episode of Rodolfo Daily doesn’t take more than your regular cup of coffee, but are rich enough to bring new insights to make you more creative. All delivered straight to your inbox.
Where do you think the creative industries are headed to and how is this change going to morph the current team dynamic at Rodolfo?
Creativity and innovation is about finding an unexpected combination of two or more well-known elements. It is the unexpected combination that solves the problem in an innovative way. We at Rodolfo want to create the communication as a part of the product and the brand. We don’t do classical advertising campaigns with far too large media budgets in the hope that they will solve the problem for us. We do projects that are built to change stuff for the better.

Sometimes it’s by creating a new service, sometimes it’s changing the definition of the word nerd in the swedish academy dictionary:

Campaigns or products, if they are not worthy of people’s time, will end up polluting the world–literally and metaphorically.

Share one lesson learned from this campaign that you believe will help other creatives produce better work.
Combining physical and online is what’s up. As well as strategic partnerships providing something for the customer, which in the end is intended to really solve the problem.