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The Tomorrow Awards is an international award show dedicated to discovering, showcasing and awarding creativity that pushes the boundaries of technological innovation. Since the very best examples of such work are those that defy standard award show categories, the Tomorrow Awards is category-neutral. All entries are judged side by side and only the ideas that best reflect the future shine brightest.

Beyond the trophies and accolades bestowed upon the winners, the Tomorrow Awards seeks to educate the greater advertising, tech and design industries about new creative possibilities.

To accomplish this, Industry Judges are involved in the Tomorrow Awards’ judging process, reviewing all entries and choosing the Official Shortlist for the final round of judging. By choosing what entries move on, not only are Industry Judges awarding their peers, they are actively learning about new directions in which to take the creative process.

Learn more about our Industry Judges or register as an Industry Judge here.

A top panel of Monster Judges—true innovative leaders in the global advertising, tech and design industries—review the shortlist and choose the five winners of the Tomorrow Awards who best demonstrate the “Tomorrow Factor” in their work. The Monster Judging process is filmed and shared, including additional insights from the judges, so that the public may learn not only from the work that wins, but also why top-contending entries did not make the top five.

What is the “Tomorrow Factor?” Hear it straight from our Monster Judge Co-chairwoman Fernanda “Fefa” Romano:

Visit the Hall of Monsters here to see the impressive list of individuals who have served as a Monster Judge of the Tomorrow Awards.

The future is filled with exciting innovation. The Tomorrow Awards will help us celebrate it together.

The Tomorrow Awards proudly supports the mission of the ADC Global Network to Connect, Provoke and Elevate creative professionals in visual communications worldwide.

“What’s great about the Tomorrow Awards is that it’s not about now. It’s not enough to be a beautiful solution to something… it’s got to be a flashpoint, something we’re all going to use in the future.”

Rob Schwartz
Global Creative President

“When I’m asked my opinion
on the future of award shows
I usually comment that the Tomorrow Awards seem to have the right idea of how to go about it.”

Emma Wilkie
Managing Director
The Gunn Report




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