Everything Melbourne in 30 Seconds // September 20, 2010

If only everything could be done in 30 seconds… that may not be possible in real life but here is a glimpse of everything that locals love about Melbourne. This ad was done to get the word out (if people in the city already didn’t know about )the hot morning team of Eddie McGuire, Luke [...] [...]

The Expendables – Another YouTube Flash Takeover // September 17, 2010

Who doesn’t love a good YouTube channel takeover. These type of ads are small experiences that for s few short instances blend mediums together in a memorable way. It uses video and flash to achieve the effect and you can’t help but take notice of this type of execution. This is not unique in that [...] [...]

Live Pac Man – Which One Do You Like Better? // September 17, 2010

Pac Man is so retro and has always been a strong pop culture reference no matter where you are from. In some ways it helped to launch the modern video game industry. This is an ad by Telecom New Zealand that creates a live game of Pac Man. I saw something like this ages ago on [...] [...]

Carlton Draught – How Slow Mo Makes Everything Funnier // September 17, 2010

You have to love the magic of slow motion…here it is for Carlton Draught. The music helps to set the mood and enhances the funny to me. I really like seeing how different countries advertise alcohol and the moods that the brands take with their TV spots to start off with. It is fascinating to look at and this [...] [...]

Wonderbra Goes 3D // September 15, 2010

What can you say about the “full effect bra” except that we can all see why 3D was the perfect way to get the word out and give onlookers that WTF moment. This was done in England and I love the moment when the guy on the ladder is looking down. Very cool especially since [...] [...]

Catching up with the Shortlists // Dirty Water // September 14, 2010

Beyond celebrating the best and most innovative work our industry has to offer, the Tomorrow Awards set up to let everybody know and understand the how behind every winning and shortlisted campaign. Today, we catch up with Casanova Pendrill’s senior creative Gil Arevalo and creative director Alejandro Ortiz to chat about their shortlisted campaign [...] [...]

Catching Up with the Shortlists // The Best of us Challenge // September 13, 2010

Every four years (two years for countries with a love of snow and ice) the Olympic Games capture the imagination of the entire planet. But what about the stretches time between Olympic Games? Seattle based Cole & Weber United created The Best of Us Challenge to carry on the spirit of the Games no matter which year it is. We had an opportunity to chat with John Maxham, Executive Creative Director of Cole & Weber, about this Tomorrow Award shortlisted entry for the International Olympic Committee. [...]

Can Polar Bears and Cars Play Nice??? // September 12, 2010

Ever since hybrids have come on the scene cars have been trying to be seen as more green. The march is on for new technology that can take cars to the future. Here is Nissan’s take on creating a green car. This ad playing in the US plays off our increasing concern of what will [...] [...]

Catching up with the Shortlists // Where’s the Party? // September 10, 2010

Before we let Ted Persson go, and to complete the Tomorrow Awards AA special, we had to ask him about the last of Great Works' shortlisted campaigns : Carlsberg's Where's the Party?  [...]

XXX Carrots??? // September 10, 2010

The house the Bogusky built and left has come out with another off beat piece of work for a bunch of carrot farmers. What carrot farmers these are I have no clue but they look like her you can count me in for eating of the baby orange vegetable. This spot is for the sexy indulgence that [...] [...]

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