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Facebook Like Button in the House via F8 (I hope the dislike button comes next) // April 22, 2010

At Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference, Mark Zuckerberg the CEO of Facebook revealed changes to the platform and how it would interact with the rest of the web. Collectively Facebook is further embedding themselves throughout the web itself. They will expand the scope of information they collects about individuals as they browse the web through greater integration [...] [...]

At the Crosshairs of Tech and Art – Seeper // April 16, 2010

Seeper is an arts and technology collective, that fuses these two realms into an artistic experience. This is an increasing phenomenon due in part because of how technology is continuously changing our lives today. Founded in 1998 they say that at their core they are in pursuit of essence. They use computer technology to create intuitive ways people [...] [...]

Some Awesome AR Work by Augmatic Ltd. // April 15, 2010

James Alliban is an interactive artist and the Managing Director of Augmatic Ltd. If you love augmented reality, (AR) he is one of the guys whose work you should know.  Augmatic Ltd. provides, flash development, concept design, 3D modelling, and everything else you need for the fusion of the real and unreal. He started the company [...] [...]

Interactive Vending Machines by Sapient Nitro (I so want to see one) // April 15, 2010

Sapient Interactive now Sapient Nitro made an interactive Coke vending machine dubbed uVend. Instead of the boring front that most vending machines have, it is replaced with a 46″ LCD touch screen that plays HD video, has bluetooth connectivity and flash graphics. Simply put it isn’t just a vending machine it is meant to be [...] [...]