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Say Hello to our newest Monster Judge // August 16, 2010

When we announced the first Tomorrow Awards winners last Spring, our panel of Monster Judges decided on the five pieces they thought would shape the future of our industry. It was a bold claim to make, but it was one that we decided to stand by. That’s why we asked Agency Republic’s Gavin Gordon-Rogers, one [...] [...]

// July 17, 2010

So what was the outcome of the iPhone 4 press conference? They acknowledged the problem what was very important. The three main things they did were covered in mashable but here they are short and sweet: 1. Release an Software Update to report the signal strength more accurately. 2. All iPhone 4 Owners get a free bumper or a [...] [...]

Antennagate What will Apple do Tomorrow // July 15, 2010

The iPhone 4 just launched in the USA and reception problems due to the design of the antenna continue to spread through the media. Earlier this week Consumer Reports couldn’t recommend the iPhone 4 due to the issues. They have lined up a press conference for tomorrow to go into the issue at least that is what [...] [...]

Nissan turns to a new Leaf with iAd // July 6, 2010

Nissan is the first car manufacturer to sign on to iAd, Apple’s new mobile advertising platform that was announced in April and is being launched as we speak with the availability of OS 4 for  the iPhone to come out in the fall for the iPad. The focus will be on reaching early adopters and [...] [...]