Sony + Intel + Google = Google TV? (They conquered the web and our living rooms are next) // May 18, 2010

Recent reports reveal that Google in partnership with Intel and Sony will be announcing their Smart TV platform this month. The Financial Times reported on Sunday that execs from Silicon Valley have said they are ready to reveal a deal with Sony that would bring the web to its TV’s either built in or as [...] [...]

Happy Birthday YouTube (5 years of the craziest and most random videos ever) // May 17, 2010

Do you remember the state of web video before youtube? I sure don’t but we all know that after youtube went online things would never be the same. Well Sunday marked its 5th birthday as the site gets 2 billion video views a day and reaches all across the globe, in a word WOW. In [...] [...]

Announcing The Tomorrow Awards Spring 2010 Winners // May 14, 2010

Last week in New York City, the Tomorrow Awards Monster Judges were given the hard task of narrowing down the publicly voted shortlist into the best of the best and decide on the recipients of the very first Tomorrow Awards trophies. After hours of debate (which were captured on film, and are available for viewing [...] [...]

Facebook Firestorm Leads to New Security Measures (YAY!) // May 13, 2010

The Facebook privacy insanity continues unabated as people stand up for control of their information. Ever since F8 and I mean their developer conference not the the keyboard button they are introducting more security measures to make sure that others don’t login with your account. This is in part due to the spam and phishing attacks [...] [...]

Say Hello to Payment Freedom by Square (very cool!) // May 11, 2010

WOW now this is a playment platform I can get behind. Check out this video, no contracts, monthly fees or hidden costs according to their website. It uses you mobile iPhone or Android device to accept payments with a small stripe reader attached to the device and sends receipts via email. A simple idea that looks to make [...] [...]

IBM Enters the Social Media Analytics Tool Race // May 11, 2010

Yesterday IBM entered the social media analytics market with a new tool that will measure consumer sentiment from data gathered on social networks, twitter, blogs and so on. Called the SPSS Modeler, it is built on data mining and text analysis. It will also use natural language processing to analyze information and understand names, jargon, slang [...] [...]

Just 2 days Left to Enter [not including today :)] // May 10, 2010

This is it. The FINAL call for entries deadline for the Tomorrow Awards is this Wednesday, May 12. If you think you have work that the ad industry should be taking notice of, ENTER IT NOW. Two of our esteemed Monster Judges - Tony Granger, Global Creative Officer of Young & Rubicam and Robert Wong, ECD of Google Creative [...] [...]

The Social Media Revolution Video – 2010 edition [VIDEO] // May 7, 2010

Here is a follow up to the one of the videos I saw at many conferences that jumped on board the social media band wagon. It was about damn time to because they waited long enough. It is a game changer and at some point you have to get on board or you will get [...] [...]

Magink – Digital Ink is it the Future of the Billboard? // May 6, 2010

Magink was founded in the year 2000 and focuses on providing full-colour digital ink displays for the Out-of-Home media market for outdoor advertising aka billboards, public information, transportation, point-of-purchase, promotions and entertainment. They are a company that competes in the large area display market whose technology is based on Cholesteric LCD technology (yeah no clue what [...] [...]

Google Heads to TV with Invidi // May 5, 2010

Google the giant of search wants to get into your TV and they have just announced their investment in Invidi. Invidi is a tech firm that state they are the world’s only truly addressable targeted television advertising and marketing solution for cable, satellite and IPTV service providers at the headend, household and individual viewer level. The firm was [...] [...]

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