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5 Questions with Monster Judge Andreas Ullenius, ECD, Åkestam.holst // October 3, 2011

TOMORROW: You were shortlisted in the last Tomorrow Awards for Human Jukebox. How did that project come to life? ANDREAS: The brief was to launch Pause’s new custom made sound systems, which is a kind of multi room, all media solution. Since the tech savvy target group is hard to impress, there was no easy way, no [...] [...]

5 Questions with Monster Judge Steve Mykolyn, CCO, TAXI // October 3, 2011

TOMORROW: What’s the mysterious story behind your photo? STEVE: Huh? There’s no mystery. The camera didn’t have a “red-eye reduction” feature…red-eye appears in the eyes of humans, and animals, that have no tapetum lucidum. But I digress. Are you saying I look like a monster? Isn’t that the point? TOMORROW: What’s one innovation in advertising you’d like [...] [...]

The Monster Jury Revealed! // September 15, 2011

Judging to be held in New York in November 2011 Montreal, Canada (September 15, 2011) The Tomorrow Awards – the global celebration of the future of advertising, is proud to announce the Monster Jury for the Summer 2011 Semester. Led by Chairman Robert Wong, Executive Creative Director of Google Creative Lab, the Monster Jury will select [...] [...]

5 Questions with Rei Inamoto // September 13, 2011

Rei Inamoto is the Chief Creative Officer of AKQA and served as the Tomorrow Award’s first Chairman. Tomorrow: You’ve been a judge at a lot of award shows, what did you find different about Tomorrow Awards? Rei: The biggest difference is that Tomorrow Awards has no categories. When Ignacio first asked me to Chair the inaugural year [...] [...]

Thought Controlled Computing: An interview with Trevor Coleman, CCO, InteraXon // August 31, 2011

Trevor Coleman is the CCO of InteraXon, a company specializing in the exploration of commercial uses for mind-computer interfaces. TOMORROW: Mind-Machine interface seems to be the next logical step after gestural and voice interface, but both of those technologies are still in their relative infancy. How would you characterize the current state of thought-interface technology? TREVOR: The [...] [...]

Tools for Tomorrow: Gartner’s Hype Cycle as Inspiration // August 31, 2011

With thousands of blogs to read and a million Twitter opinions on what the next hot new technology trend is, it’s nearly impossible to keep track of emerging technologies and how successful their adoption rates are. Thankfully, Gartner regularly releases what’s called the Hype Cycle. Plotted against the axis of visibility vs time, technologies are introduced [...] [...]

Interview with the Creatives: 4th Amendment Wear // August 31, 2011

TOMORROW: It would be easy to say that the idea for 4th Amendment Wear came from the headlines, but how did it all start? Tim Geoghegan: Well, just about every creative I know walks around and jots down notes and ideas that they have but never actually develop.  About a year ago, I was going through a [...] [...]

After Tomorrow Takes America // August 16, 2011

When the Tomorrow Awards were first conceived, the intention was not to have a formal award show, much less a traveling caravan on future trends. But we quickly realized that social media is no substitute for an inspiring speaker, or the 2am conversations over cocktails that can give birth to new ideas and friendships. So with [...] [...]

Tomorrow Awards is hitting the road // July 14, 2011

If you live near Los Angeles, Chicago or New York, we’re coming to you! Tomorrow Awards is proud to present After Tomorrow – a series of informative and casual gatherings (over drinks!) where guests can learn the stories behind many of the Tomorrow Awards winners, as well as of the technologies that brought these ideas to [...] [...]

Interviews from Tomorrow | Mitsubishi Live Drive – 180 LA // April 28, 2011

TOMORROW: How did this project come about? You only recently won the Mitsubishi account. William: Live Drive was actually the first thing we did after pitching and winning the Mitsubishi account. Once we won the account, we were able to take a look behind the curtain, so to speak, and see what their true business challenges [...] [...]