A Snowflake via TBWA London // December 18, 2010

As we continue through the holidays here is TBWA London’s cheer via your own snowflake that you can print out and ad to the decorations extravaganza. Here is what they have to say about this cool surprise: At TBWA\ we have a unique seasonal present for you. All you’ll need is your name and, with a little [...] [...]

Saatchi & Saatchi LA + The Holidays = Nog Pong // December 15, 2010

Saatchi & Saatchi LA loves eggnog so much that they made a game to let the internet decide who has the right to have a round of eggnog while raising money at the same time. They are helping to support three different and worthy charities the Amanda Foundation, Free Arts for Abused Children, and New [...] [...]

Schenck’s Take // The Speed Camera Lottery: Big Brother Is Paying You. // December 14, 2010

If Digital Death proved that the power of celebrity had its limits, Volkswagen’s Fun Theory proved that fun is a lot more effective at getting people to change their behavior than rules, laws, stern lectures, warning labels or just about anything else. Turn a flight of stairs into a keyboard and whoo boy, even [...] [...]

Chrome Bounce Ball – Let’s Play // December 13, 2010

Recently Google announced the test program for the Google Chrome OS powered netbook called CR-48 which is a test model for their cloud computing device. They are currently testing the OS in the USA through a pilot program that will involve 60,000 people. As part of their big push with Chrome Google  just launched the Chrome [...] [...]

Schenck’s Take // Digital Death: Did Kim Kardashian Die In Vain? // December 13, 2010

Just when you think our celebrity-worshipping, star-infatuated, I-would-chew-off-my-arm-to-get-my-15 minutes culture has moved way beyond any shot of hope or redemption, Digital Death comes along and, whammo, just like that, it proves you wrong.  Well, maybe not.  But what happened with Digital Death demonstrates just how brittle our assumptions about the role of fame in our [...] [...]

A Holiday Story Virgin Style // December 10, 2010

Now that the holiday season is upon us and the cheer is a bound here come the ads holiday style.  Here is a quick summary of this ad by Virgin Mobile Canada. Hanging around the tree all day can be hard work. When it comes to just who’s working the hardest though, Angela Angelis and Ray [...] [...]

New Video from Tomorrow Awards Spring 2010 Winners SOUR // December 9, 2010

SOUR are at it again. After winning pretty much every award under the sun with their Hibi No Neiro music video last year [including a much sought after Tomorrow Awards trophy], the Japanese band have really blown it out of the park with their new music video ‘Mirror’. This time, they allow you to connect all your [...] [...]

The World AIDS Day 2010 Ad via MTV International // December 8, 2010

December 1st, 2010 was the World AIDS day and here is an ad done for MTV International Directed by Jason Slack with Laurence Gega & Nick Terzis and Music: Jason Slack. It reminds me a lot of the Pixar lights.  [...]

Kevin Bacon Gets Funny Creepy for the Logitech Revue // December 7, 2010

When Google TV was announced it promised to marry our TV to the computer and the Internet. The  Logitech Revue is the first of these set top boxes on the market to provide that link. This specific ad has Kevin Bacon as a character obsessed about Kevin Bacon. The ad comes from Goodby, Silverstein & Partners with Kevin Bacon [...] [...]

Welcome to the Holidays via Sony // December 3, 2010

So as we enter that festive time of year, the shopping has begun and the lines are plenty. Here is a Sony’s take on Charles Dickens classic “A Christmas Carol. Credit: richiesherman via youtube  [...]