When introducing an award show dedicated to the future of advertising, how does one design the trophy?

Does it levitate? Does it flicker like a Princess Leia hologram? Does it contain a flux capacitor powered by dilithium crystals? One thing was certain: ‘traditional’ just wasn’t going to do the job.

The Tomorrow Award trophy was conceived by Raison Pure Design Group, the world-renowned design firm specializing in exquisite brand identity and package design. Founded in Paris more than twenty years ago, established in New York twelve years ago, Raison Pure Design Group has created breathtaking looks for such brands as Dove, Evian, Buchanan’s, Diptyque, Nestle, Williams-Sonoma and earned a 2009 Gold Cannes Lion for Viktor & Rolf “Flowerbomb” gifting program. So the question wasn’t whether Raison Pure Design Group was up to the task, but rather where would their imaginations take them.

Before their imaginations led them anywhere, the team at Raison Pure Design Group needed a starting point. “We started by asking ourselves ‘what will the advertising of tomorrow be like?” says Harry Chong, the designer.

“How will it look, and how will we experience and interact with it? We came to the conclusion that Tomorrow will be about digital data, which could be visualized, consumed and experienced anytime and anywhere. The boundaries between the physical world and the virtual one are becoming more and more blurry with each passing day, and we wanted to reflect this in our work.”

With these thoughts to give them a launching pad, Raison Pure Design Group created a design that best exemplifies the ideals of the Tomorrow Awards. “The trophy is an homage to when digital became mainstream,” says Harry. “We came up with a digital sculpture that reflects this visual, creative and energetic field, mixing virtuality, technology and 3D Printing.”

The Tomorrow Awards may be celebrating the future of advertising, but we tip our hat to present-day Raison Pure Design Group for envisioning such a unique accolade for the most game changing ads in the world.

Production Process:

The Tomorrow Awards trophy was created using rapid prototyping technology – also known as 3D printing – an automatic construction of physical objects using additive manufacturing and CAD data. The trophy is sculpted virtually, then built out of thousands of layers of resin.


While such a process allows for only a small range of materials to be used, Raison Pure Group was inspired by the texture and geometry of the ‘support structure’ of rapid prototyping. “The lightweight nature and fragility of this material creates a new ritual in the way you receive and handle it.”