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Killzone 2 Webgame
The world's first internet wide shoot 'em up.
A truly original and strikingly successful videogame launch.

To cut through the clutter of generic 'first person shooter' advertising online and engage with an active gaming community, we decided to provide gamers with a truly unique and interactive experience. Using actual assets and 3D models from the game to ensure authenticity we created the Killzone 2 webgame - the first ever Internet wide shoot 'em up. Registering at allowed users to download a browser plug-in for either Firefox or Internet Explorer that turned the entire web into a virtual battleground with enemies from the game liable to strike at any time. Once attacked, the user's cursor turned into a crosshair allowing them to rid the internet of the hostile Helghast.

A competitive element and a squad play option allowing you to recruit your friends to play as a team and fight together in real-time, encouraged users to spread the webgame among their peers and ensure broader amplification of the campaign given the limited paid-for media support. Instead of using any paid-for advertising, the webgame was initially seeded to our primary hardcore gamer audience through non paid-for blogging channels before a paid-for viral seeding plan of the promotional video extended the reach of the campaign to a more mainstream gaming audience.

In just three weeks...

* Over 120k people visited the site (30k before any paid-for seeding started)
* Over 14k people registered to play the game and more than 80k battles were fought (25k battles before any paid-for seeding started)
* Our webgame video was seen by more than 250k people
* Killzone 2 was the number 1 title on launch across all formats, with 115,000 unit sales (UK)
* ...and it was PlayStation's fourth fastest selling game ever in the UK.




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