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Amarok Live Test
In 2010, Volkswagen launched Amarok, its first medium-sized pickup in Brazil, with its debut in an
extremely competitive market packed with big competitors.

And since Volkswagen has never been in this terrain, we decided to launch the Amarok with a test drive no one has ever done, mixing the cell phone and the Internet so that the consumer could drive the car without leaving home.
The Amarok LiveTest works like this: you tell the pickup to accelerate and it does, you tell the pickup to turn and it does, you tell the pickup to go up the dirt stairs and then go down a 70º slope and... Well, you had better see for yourself.

Throughout one week of event, we had 327 LiveTests, which means that the Amarok overcame more than 2,600 obstacles, cruising 784 km for 14 hours. Numbers that remind us much more a rally than a test-drive.
Adding the media efforts to all the buzz reached in blogs and social networks, the Amarok LiveTest generated over half a million unique visitors in the site with an average stay of 6 minutes and a half, which resulted in exactly 7,392 online purchase intentions.




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