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ASICS Left Right Blogger Outreach
Our objective was to increase ASICS SportStyle's preseason orders by 5%, foster advocacy and deepen understanding of the 'What's a left without a right?' campaign. We couldn't afford to shout, so instead, we drew our target into the evolution and delivery of the idea.

Our targets are dynamic, twenty-somethings, in-tune with cultural movements, fashion, and technology. So, we turned to the most influential amongst them, handpicking the world's
coolest street-style bloggers and engaging these usually independent commentators, in a unique idea, requiring co-operation and communication across all borders and languages.

Taking SportStyle’s 80’s theme as inspiration, we created 10 iconic objects from the '80s, including a DeLorean car and Rubix cube. Separating them into Left and Right halves, these pieces were randomly paired and sent to selected bloggers. To complete their one-off piece, they had to search the blog-o-sphere and enlist the help of their peers and followers.

Every person touched by the process - whether via a Tweet, Facebook message, Digg and of course, the blog network - became a channel in a treasure hunt spanning 38 countries, 29 languages and hundreds-of-thousands of potential customers.

Results: Pre-season orders rose 18% and in addition to blog coverage, Twitter and Facebook engaged over 200,000 people. In an unexpected, welcome twist, one blogger persuaded the others to exchange their pieces for limited-edition SportStyle sneakers. He reunited Left and Right halves, displaying the completed models at Bread & Butter, Europe's biggest fashion fair (attendance of 90,000), generating free exposure worth millions.

The bloggers continue to promote ASICS across the world's coolest blogs. From a campaign costing just €8,000, we created self-generating coverage and long-term advocacy from these important influencers.




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