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Running Expansions
Our task was to showcase the technology and attention-to-detail in every ASICS product, as well as reflect their 'Sound Mind, Sound Body' philosophy.

The film is about emotionalising and humanising the technical leadership of ASICS' running shoes. We share the intimacy between a runner and his environment during that magical time when night becomes day.

Tiny, unrecognisable elements are shown floating through a beautifully lit forest. The reveal shows the hundreds of individual elements that make up an ASICS running shoe, in magnified form, moving through this magical 'Sound Mind' environment.

The sneaker sections then fuse to form a complete ASICS shoe on a runner's foot before the film's pace quickens, and the athlete runs on into the distance.

Capturing the beauty of technology, the online film was praised widely, throughout sports, design and fashion blogs for its effective treatment and delicate approach to the brand’s core philosophy.




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