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Chrome Fast
The Chrome Fast integrated campaign established Google Chrome as the fastest web browser available. We demonstrated Chrome's speed through the Speed Tests, a viral video that matched Chrome against a potato gun, sound waves and lightning. The Speed Tests also ran as web spots in rich media banners on sites like and as well as a 3D cinema spot before Disney's "Tron" movie this fall. We extended the "Chrome Fast" message online through online advertising and massive contextualized banner blitz on major sites. After showing people what "Chrome Fast" looked like, we added a participation element into the campaign and challenged the world to prove they're "Chrome Fast" by launching FastBall, an interactive game on YouTube that turned everyday sites into a race around the web. Chrome FastBall was the first interactive YouTube video game of its kind and had over 1 million games played. Ultimately, the campaign helped expand Chrome's marketshare to overtake Apple's Safari as the world's 2nd most popular browser.




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