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Johnnie Walker - Words on the Journey
China has witnessed unprecedented change in recent years. Its accelerated economic development is causing consumers to reevaluate the meaning of 'success'. We considered how Johnnie Walker might play a role in helping redefine 'personal progress'. How might the brand play a small part in keeping the momentum going, and ensuring it spreads throughout the country and within society at every level? As well, how could the brand encourage those at the fore to continue pushing the definition of progress further, beyond mere financial means to something more substantial? This turning point of a nation led Johnnie Walker to look beyond advertising for a concept that could inspire a generation poised to set the agenda for the entire world.

The project was executive produced by iconic director Jia Zhangke. Jia led a team of six up-and-coming directors in a search throughout China and all spheres of its society. The outcome was the 'Words on a Journey” campaign. A series of 12 short documentary films featuring a diverse range of subjects, each asked the same question, "What would you say to inspire a generation?"

Their varied responses reflect the diverse range of dreams and paths taken. But all express the spirit of 'Keep Walking' and share a desire to see that spirit spread throughout their nation.Perhaps the potential impact of Johnnie Walker's 'Words on a Journey project is best encapsulated in Jia Zhangke's own motivation for involvement, "This series of documentary films is an opportunity to share wisdom and motivate the country's youth to move forward. This is not merely an advertising event; this is an event with the depth and meaning to affect culture in China. It will be a classic."




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