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The Challenge

In March 2010, 5®, the gum that "Stimulates Your Senses®," unveiled two new flavor experiences, REACT™ Mint and REACT™ Fruit, that each chewer experiences differently. Our challenge was to get the new product into the hands of fans and inspire them to spread the word online.

The brand turned to EVB and Firstborn to create a social media sampling experience that would be as intriguing and unique as the new gum itself. The first step was to announce to its Facebook fans that, if they were chosen, they could be the first to experience REACT Mint or REACT Fruit.

The Creative Solution

To build excitement for new 5 REACT, 5 gum launched, an online sensory journey where consumers could create a personalized, interactive 3D animation and share their experience with their social networks.

The selection process on is like no other. When a fan arrives on the site, they must log in through Facebook Connect and choose to go through the "left door", one of two doors on the site, to "see if they are chosen." The fan enters an alternate 3D world to be scanned and analyzed. Around them, images and messages pulled from their Facebook profile begin to populate giant television screens. A message appears: You have been chosen.

The fan watches as a mysterious man puts something in a black envelope. Written on the envelope is the fan's name and address. After clicking submit, fans are presented with a digital "file cabinet" full of their Facebook friends' photos. The fan is given the opportunity to choose five of their most deserving friends to share the experience with virally. Their experience is only beginning.

The black envelope is mailed and contains a full sample pack of 5 REACT gum, a pair of 3D glasses and a unique code. The recipient is encouraged to return to to continue their unique digital experience. Upon return, the fan is prompted to put on the 3D glasses and enter the "right door" of the website where s/he experiences a 3D Rorschach-ian motion piece that is unique to each viewer. Using the keys on their keyboard, fans can interact with the motion piece and submit their video experience to a gallery for others to view and share in the experience.

Firstborn and EVB worked collaboratively to build the experience. Firstborn designed and built the website, including all 3D models and video assets. EVB designed the black envelope sampling package and created and built the 3D Rorschach portion of the site.

Impact and Results

The 5® REACT™ gum digital campaign is unique by creating an experience that combines social media and sampling with an immersive 3D web-based experience. From the moment it launched via the 5 gum Facebook page, the program and online chatter were successful. The digital experiment richly communicated the unique way people "react" to this product and opened doors for the next 5 gum experience. Will you be chosen?

The site launched on March 17, 2010 and within the first week, the site metrics are as follows:
• 123,403 visits
• 797,959 page views
• 2:51 average time on site
• .39% bounce rate




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