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In August 2009, smoking was banned in bars, restaurants and night clubs in São Paulo.
The Cancer Foundation, an institution that fought to pass the law, wanted to use this time to publicize this achievement and collect more donations for other anti-cancer projects.

Without budget for a traditional campaign, we created a project using a symbol for smoking which has become obsolete with the passing of the law: the ashtrays in bars, night clubs and restaurants. Instead of tossing them in the trash, these objects gained another meaning and were transformed to help in the fight against cancer.

Famous establishments in São Paulo donated their ashtrays. Among them was D.O.M., ranked 18th in the list of the world's 50 best restaurants, according to Restaurant Magazine (London). Major artists (Vik Muniz, osgemeos, Jack Vartanian and others), transformed these objects in works of art. The works were shown and put up for sale within the very establishments and the money they bring will go directly to the Cancer Foundation.

To date, without any media investment, spontaneous media has reached over US$ 350 thousand, having impacted more than 5,5 million people. With the sale of all the works, the donations to the Cancer Foundation could reach over US$ 170 thousand.




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