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Our challenge was to advertise sunscreen when people need it most: under the sunlight. The consumer almost
never wear sun screen on a daily basis. The idea was to talk to him when least expected but
when he needed it the most: during his time under the sun. We created a message that could
only be seen on sunny days. Therefore, we designed a mirrored billboard that used the
sunlight itself as 'ink'.
We delivered to the client a simple, non-expensive and creative idea that speaks to the
consumer when he really needs a sunscreen, and even better: right when he is close to the
point of sale. Furthermore, client's public image was linked to an eco friendly initiative –
without using paper and with no waste.Through a simple and clever message, the consumer
understood that sunscreen should be applied daily. After all, it's related to the sun, not only to
the beach.
We selected strategic points throughout the city where the consumer is caught under the sun,
but usually forgets to apply sunscreen. Furthermore, the communication was displayed near
the point of sale, and the consumer could buy the product soon after seeing the message.
Through a simple and non-expensive idea, consumers understood that sunscreen should be
applied daily. Especially in a tropical country like Brazil.




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