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Asher Roth Official Website
American Hip Hop artist Asher Roth wanted to connect with his fans. He also wanted to invite them along on his personal journey. He does this by carrying his website with him wherever he goes, quite literally in his wallet.

The way it works is simple; an illustration of the website is printed on a card about the size of a credit card. Whenever the card is photographed by Asher or one of his buddies, that photo becomes the top page of When fans visit the site, the first thing they see will be the latest updated picture, which could be anywhere from Asher holding the card on stage at a performance, to Asher watching TV with his friends. An uploading app was also developed for Asher’s iPhone, which allows him to update the site from any location. Using FLARToolKit, the program then tracks the design and shape of the card and literally launches the site’s interface from its surface. To enhance this illusion, the program then color matches all of the graphic elements to the color of the card.

The design on the card was then printed onto T-shirts and included within exclusive release Asher singles. These were distributed amongst fans, inviting them to start taking and submitting their own series of photos. The best of which feature on the site daily.
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