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SOUR 'Mirror'
Our goal was to create with a new music video for the song ‘MIRROR’ by the Japanese band SOUR. We wanted to make something that engages with their young tech savvy fans in a new way, and allowing them to become a part of the experience. The budget was $0, so we used the Kickstarter to fund the $5000 to use for the production.

The song Mirror sings about the fact that everyone around you is a mirror that reflects who you are. This gave us an idea of a journey to find yourself through your connections with the people online. So we created an interactive music video, which gives every single viewer a different customized experience by having them connect to their Facebook, Twitter & webcam. You will be taken on a personal journey with the band, through all the different day-to-day sites you visit such as Google Search, Google Maps, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and more. The fans can also add themselves into the video by following @SOUR_official on Twitter.

When the site was launched, it gained over 150,000 viewers in just the first 3 days. Most users spent more than 3 minutes on the site, which is an amazing number for a microsite. This music video has gained SOUR many free PR on renown news sites and blogs. 2/3 of the visitors were accessing from outside of Japan, proving that this video has created buzz around the world, which is a big achievement for a Japanese indie band.

Please visit to experience the video. You can view this without connecting to any of the social network sites, but we recommend connecting to all 3 for the full experience. It will run on both Mac & Win Safari and Chrome browsers, but we also recommend viewing on the Mac Safari.




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