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Newspaper of the Future
While new media provide interactive experiences to engage the audience, newspaper’s one-way communication has remained virtually unchanged. There’s a crisis of readership. Faced with dwindling reader numbers, Metro Daily Hong Kong came to us to get their readers back.

We created a website where users could write the news making headlines in 18 years and vote for the best stories
submitted. The stories submitted were so great that we even used some of them to promote our site in our integrated communication mix. Then we published the most voted-for articles in a freely distributed paper on April Fool’s Day.
• Over 1,118 serious and satirical articles submitted online in 4 weeks
• 200,000 visitors to website
• 380,000 copies of our April Fool’s edition snatched up in just 2 hours
• Readership increased by an extraordinary 200%
By engaging the public in a two-way conversation, Metro Daily Hong Kong has given new reasons for people to keep reading.
With a future theme and April Fool’s Day as the excuse,
we gave people a creative license to freely express their
views about society.




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