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Sony Internet TV with Google TV
Sony is always on the leading edge of innovation and it's no surprise that they were the first to create an Internet TV powered by Google. With so much buzz around the new Google TV and all eyes looking at Sony, they needed a digital presence that highlighted the features and specs in an interactive, innovative and super engaging way.

Our solution was to create an immersive, playful tilt-shift world where city dwellers gather around a massive Sony Internet TV. In this center square, users can navigate among the little people below to access tons of video content about Google TV, Sony, apps, customization and much more. Users can also browse Tweets or create a new Tweet directly from the site. To make the experience even more delightful, we developed hidden animations within the crowd that all relate back to special features within the TV.

The result is a beautiful and informative high-level production that was shot, edited, designed and developed entirely by Odopod and has become the central place to discover how amazing the new Sony Internet TV with Google TV really is.




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