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Nike+ GPS
Introducing the Nike+ GPS app, the latest chapter of the Nike+ platform. Now, runners of every stripe can join the world’s largest running club by simply downloading the app for iPhone and iTouch. With the Nike+ GPS app, Nike+ is in your pocket, ready for a run anytime.

To start, open the app and choose indoors or out. If running outdoors, GPS tracks your run. Next, choose the “Get Cheers” feature. Your Facebook status is instantly updated letting your friends know that you’re out for a run. Now you’re ready to pound the pavement. While you run, any friend who “likes” or comments on your Facebook status earns you an audible “cheer” via your headphones, providing motivation and lift. You can also cue your power song when you need an extra boost of energy.

When you finish, celebs like Tracy Morgan and Lance Armstrong give props based on your performance. A color-coded “heat” map gives you a snapshot of your run, breaking down your pace and distance. The app instantly uploads your run to Nike+, where you can go to review your runs, set and manage goals, and challenge others.

There is no finish line for Nike+, only the next run.




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