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Meet Android (Google hi-jack) campaign
Vodafone approached our agency to help launch their range of Android phones (including Google’s Android handset, The Nexus One).

The aim was to make Vodafone the sole destination for Android handsets whilst adding personality to their brand. The campaign had to educate consumers about the benefits and unique selling points of the Android platform.

The campaign targeted a predominantly tech savvy audience - who were most likely to buy this phone - and to compete against the more successful, cooler brands within the market. The agency thought that leveraging Google fans was the best means to appeal to this particular target audience and devised a campaign around hi-jacking the Google search engine.

With minimal seeding, we asked our audience to simply type "Meet android" into google and press "I feel lucky".

The campaign turned into an instant viral success! It became a Twitter trending topic, reported on industry, private technology and creative blogs worldwide and uploaded onto YouTube!

Over the first weekend it achieved over 25,000 hits to the landing page from over 75,000 views for the viral. The campaign was then phased into a more traditional campaign, featuring homepage takeovers and expandable banners that allowed people to 'Meet Android'.




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