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The GE Show
GE is vast. They are the second largest company in the world, with offices in over 100 countries. A traditional approach to advertising can only hint at what all those people actually do. So GE asked us to give consumers an inside look at all the amazing stuff GE does every day.

The answer was the GE show, an episodic web show that combines artful video, data visualizations, games, and other interactive components to explain how GE solves problems so pervasive that people don’t even know they exist.

The first episode focused on “Healthy Hospitals”. The center point of the experience was “The Patient Shuffle”, an addictive game that taught users about the highly complex challenges faced by hospitals trying to connect doctors with their patients. The game was so popular we made it into an ipad game.

Later episodes focused on building a nationwide infrastructure for electric cars, the miracle of flight, and the future of rail travel. Highlights from these episodes included videos that put an artful spin on choreographing flight paths, and dynamic breaking technology that helps make trains more energy efficient.

We also focused on using earned and social media to build buzz and an audience for the show, which resulted in coverage in Fast Company and other leading blogs. Results were excellent, with average site visits lasting as long as 12 minutes. And the story continues, with more GE shows to come.




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