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ACTIVATE®, a vitamin-enhanced functional beverage – - mirrors the brand’s innovative personality and showcases the power of fresh vitamins with a rich animation experience. Through advanced design features and the promise of a “turn for the better,” upon entering the site, visitors are greeted by fresh vitamins being released into the bottle with a simple twist of the cap.

ACTIVATE targets people on-the-go and in search of a healthy alternative to calorie-laden beverages. With a unique package design that allows consumers to release fresh vitamins in to the beverage when they are ready to drink, the brand is more than just a beverage – it is an action, a transition and ultimately, a moment. Upon landing at, users are prompted to “twist the cap,” which takes you through each section with a custom effect, giving depth to layers of content and flowing water that changes color as you explore.

The new site also connects to ACTIVATE’s new Facebook page, which allows visitors to search for nearby retailers, obtain special offers and explore the brand’s partnership with Nourish America.




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