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Real Life "like" @ Coca Cola Village
Every summer Coca Cola Israel brings 10,000 youths to an exceptionally unique village, creating an unforgettable summer vacation for them.
3 days of sun, fun and parties.

we needed to Raise full awareness of the village, while allowing those at home to be part of the experience.

so we invented the real life" like" machine.
In every zone in the village, we put "like points"(at the pool, restaurant, beauty zone, evening show, etc.). If a village guest loved it, he/she attached the "like" bracelet and it automatically shared this bit of information on their Facebook wall (i.e. "Gil likes the pool at the Coca Cola Village"). In addition, a "like" point attached on to a photographer, allowed for pictures to be automatically uploaded to the Coca Cola Facebook page with the user already tagged in it.




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