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SOUR ' Hibi No Neiro' (Tone of everyday)
‘Hibi No Neiro’ is a music video that is filmed entirely via webcams. The song is about the need to express one’s individuality in order to take part in what the rest of the world has to offer. Webcams provided a very poignant medium to visualize this theme as they have become the standard tool for connecting people around the world.

Facing a budget of $0 and the fact that the band were in Japan and the directors were in New York, webcams also answered many production challenges.

The 80 plus cast members were sourced from the band’s international fan base via social networking platforms and blog posts. Each animation sequence relies on the precise choreography and direction of up to 64 people at a time.

The video was then exclusively launched on YouTube to appeal to an audience that would instantly relate to the webcam as both a means of communication and expression.

Since of the video’s release, Sour managed to break into both U.S. and European music markets, appearing on news networks in over 52 countries, were featured on over 2.8 million websites, earned over 2.5 million views on YouTube, 2.5 million views on YouKu and became #1 top rated and favorited film and animation in Japan ‘of all time’.




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