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SDIA Project
Our creative brief was to get people, teenagers in particular, which had enough of the AIDS issue, to talk about it again.
Instead of using radio for its commercial breaks, we aimed for the core of the medium: music content and entertainment.
We created a band named SDIA, released a song "Going all the way" and sent it to all radio stations.
On World Aids Day, after the song caught and people were engaged, we revealed the band secret:
SDIA = AIDS (Spelled backwards)
This is what happened BEFORE SDIA\'s secret was revealed:
Over a period of just few weeks it received…
Over 8 HOURS of radio airtime.

The song was played over 87.500 times in the framework of a Nokia campaign.
Ranked #4 on the music chart of Israel\'s leading daily newspaper.

Ranked #9 on the "Most Downloaded Ringtones" list (Cellcom Cellular).

300 coffee shops played the song once every hour.
It was even used as the wake-up theme on The "Big Brother" Show, the #1 rated show on Israeli TV and appeared on Israel\'s #1 "E-Entertainment" TV show.

People all over were engaging with the song and the Band.

And this is what happened AFTER SDIA\'s secret was revealed:
On Dec 1st, International World Aids Day, the secret behind the band SDIA was revealed:

(Spelled backwards)

And this is actually the Annual World Aids Day Campaign.

Hours of apparently innocent entertainment content became a meaningful message at once:

"See how easy it is to infect"

People turned from music fans to an active part of a social campaign.

From an issue teens didn’t want to hear about any more AIDS awareness became part of the discussion again.

The exposure of the secret made AIDS breaking News and a top media story.

And a 2nd wave of free media coverage began:

On Dec 1st, all radio stations broadcasted almost 1 hour of interviews and items about the SDIA story, which led to a wide discussion about the AIDS issue.

A discussion which developed on to National T.V News, M.T.V Europe, newspapers and internet.

And it all started with a Band that didn\'t really exist but made a big difference.

This is the power of content.




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