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YouTube Life In A Day
The Brief
To create a standout integrated campaign to fuel YouTube's 'Life In A Day', a historic global experiment to craft a user-generated feature film shot on a single day, July 24th 2010. With a target audience of the world, this mass-digital-call-to-action needed to build a crescendo to 'Filming Day', enticing people to submit footage to a custom-built YouTube channel, with the promise of the best making it into Ridley Scott and Kevin Macdonald's documentary, credited as Co-Directors.

The Solution
The campaign spanned every digital channel, sparking YouTube's biggest ever mass participation (80k uploads). Engaging the world's online community to co-produce a time capsule for future generations; the digital campaign powered this unique experiment in social filmmaking. During and after Filming Day, rich interaction design within the YouTube channel built excitement and showcased a world of video, whilst Kevin Macdonald and a team of editors turned 4,500 hours of footage into a single feature. Premiering the final cut at Sundance, with a simultaneous screening on the channel brought the project back to its digital roots, re-defining the editorial ambitions of the internet.




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