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Toyota Glass of Water
Toyota have a holistic environmental strategy - covering everything from manufacturing to emissions and recycling. Our challenge was to demonstrate this by making ecodriving engaging for Swedish drivers.
Our solution was very simple - drive with a glass of water on the dashboard without spilling and you are automatically ecodriving!

We packaged our idea in a national challenge to lower Sweden's fuel consumption by 10%. To make it more interesting we created an iPhone app that looks and behaves just like a glass of water and reacts to your driving style. The app analyses driving behaviour and is automatically synchronised with a website where drivers can access detailed statistics and tools for further analysis and improve their ecodriving skills.

We launched the initiative with full page print ads in all Swedish major newspapers, TV, digital PR, Facebook and other social media. We staged events in the three largest cities where we handed out 60,000 glasses of water in morning rush-hour traffic. We attracted attention in traffic by driving with Toyota cars with oversized custom glasses of water mounted on the roof.




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