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Delta Air Lines Photon Shower
The Delta Photon Shower @TED - a remedy for jetlag based on a new discovery by Neuroscientist Oxford Professor Dr. Foster. Enter your flight route and step into the Photon Shower to be dose in spectrum specific light to battle jet lag.
Jet lag sucks.

It's the one issue that plagues our most frequent of flyers.
We decided to help Delta try and solve that on a very public stage: The 2013 TED Conference in Long Beach, California.

Rather than just showing up at TED as a brand. We showed up as presenters. We partnered Delta with one of the foremost scientists of sleep, Oxford Neuroscientist Professor Russell Foster and gave a TED talk of our own. We then used Dr. Foster's own research to bring a little invention to the innovators of TED 2013:
The first ever of its kind: The Photon Shower by Delta.

A remedy for jet lag, the Photon Shower uses Professor Foster’s research on a newly discovered photoreceptor in the eye. This receptor, when introduced to a spectrum-specific dose of light for a set period of time resets the body’s internal clock. The Photon Shower customizes this, tailoring the experience to each user based on the length of travel and the passenger's point of departure. The result was more than just TEDsters leaving refreshed and time-zone adapted.

It got people talking about Delta's larger sleep story in a way that went far beyond fluffier pillows. It showed Delta wasn't merely talking about sleep. But innovating it.
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