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Cinder is an open source C++ library for creative coding. The software is used to create large scale large scale interactive installations, intricate data visualizations and mobile applications.
Originally used as an internal agency resource, Cinder was released to the open source community in 2010 and has since been actively used by independent artists, technology companies, advertising agencies, academic institutions, visual effects companies and design firms across the world.

The C++ toolkit is primarily designed for professional creative coders, allowing them to concentrate on creating the digital experience instead of focusing on the infrastructure. Cinder also streamlines the development process, allowing complex projects to be executed with smaller teams and on faster timelines.

In addition to the contributions from the larger Cinder community, major corporations have also started contributing to Cinder, Intel is shipping support for its new Depth camera, Microsoft has contributed a large amount of code for their Surface devices.

Cinder is an exciting example of the ad industry not just responding to but actually leading tech innovation.
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