Judging Information

Before you Judge

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How does judging for the Tomorrow Awards work?

At the end of each  entry period, there are two stages of judging. The first stage is judged by the public, and is used to formulate a shortlist for the second stage. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER TO BECOME A TOMORROW AWARDS JUDGE.

The second stage is judged by a select jury of renowned creative professionals — Monster Judges — who will determine which shortlisted entries stand above all others, earning a Tomorrow Award trophy.

Judges are are expected to make their selections based on the following criteria:

• The Tomorrow Factor: the entry raises the bar for what is possible, and is likely to set game changing future trends within the advertising industry.
• Creative Excellence: the concept behind the entry must be both inspiring and unique.
• Brilliant Execution: the entry must demonstrate a phenomenal level of craft
• Media Innovation: the entry takes full advantage of the latest technologies and media, or uses older media in truly new and exciting ways.

Although there are no restrictions on which entries Judges in the first stage may vote on, Monster Judges in the second stage are not allowed to vote on entries created by their agencies.

How many entries am I allowed to add to my shortlist?

The number of entries you may shortlist is equal to 10% of the number of entries in a particular session. For instance, if a session receives 100 entries, you must include 10 entries on your shortlist.

For the 2010 Spring Session, you must select twelve entries to be shortlisted.

Do I have to choose my entire shortlist in one session?

No, you may add and edit your “pending” shortlist at any time during the voting period. When you are ready, you can then finalize your decisions by submitting your shortlist, after which you can no longer vote or edit your shortlist for that particular session.

How many times am I allowed to vote? How often can I vote?

Sorry, you can only add an entry to your shortlist once, and you can only submit your final shortlist once per session.

I started to make a rough shortlist, but forgot to submit it before the deadline. What happens to my shortlist?

Your shortlist will be disregarded if it is not submitted by the deadline.

Can I see which entries are leading in votes?

The Tomorrow Awards has elected to keep the vote tally hidden, to curb popularity-based voting.

How is the final shortlist calculated?

Every time an entry appears on a submitted shortlist, it receives a single vote. The entries that receive the most votes after all shortlists are tallied move onto the second stage. The number of entries that move on varies with each session.